Patent Attorney

Ph.D. , M.SC., EBA 

Björn has many years of experience with Danish, European and US patent law, which includes working for law firms as well as industry. His expertise spans from e.g. novelty searches, patentability assessments, drafting and prosecution of patent applications to freedom-to-operate assessments in a variety of different technical areas.

Björn is a Master of Chemical Engineering from The Technical University of Vienna, Austria. He conducted his PhD and Postdoc at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, followed by positions as Assistant and Associate Professor in food microbiology at the Royal Veterinary University (now Copenhagen University, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences). He also holds a Diploma in Engineering Business Administration (EBA). Before entering the field of IPR, Björn worked as Innovator with idea generation and maturation (“from idea to proof of principle/concept”) of analytical instruments for the food industry. 


Björn has passed A, B, and C on the way to European Patent Attorney. 


Björn is fluent in German, English and Danish. 

Fields of ExpertiSe 

Technologies: Biotechnology,  Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physiology, Enzymes, Antibodies, Microorganisms, Biogas, Green fuels, Waste Management, Medical devices, Diagnostics, Spectroscopy, and Multivariate data analysis.

Patents: From idea to invention, Patent application drafting and prosecution, Patent landscapes, IPR strategy and management, Portfolio management, Oppositions, Licensing, Freedom-to-operate assessments, Infringement assessment, Novelty searches,  Patentability assessment, Idea generation and Innovation ...


Ph.D. and Postdoc in protein chemistry, plant- and yeast physiology, M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering Diploma in Engineering Business Administration (EBA)