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Pillar Patents helps your business obtain a competitive edge in your business landscape. Learn more about the Pillar Patent process to improve your competitive position.

Pillar Patents supports your business through:

establishing an IP-landscape, building your position, expanding and defending your position. Read more about the services provided.

This is Pillar Patents

Define and explore he IP-landscape of Your Business

Pillar Patents aim to understand your business and your technology to establish the appropriate IP landscape. Pillar Patents help you to position and navigate in the landscape.

Establish Freedom-to-Operate (FtO) and the Foundation of Your Business

Freedom-to-Operate is of importance to any venture. We support your Freedom-to-Operate through analysis, product development, and/or modification of competitor's rights or your products or services.

Establish Your Rights

Laying the right foundation before building requires a deep understanding of the scope of Your business, the future direction and thus a fine understanding of how to draft, file, and prosecute to obtain valuable patents.

Defend or Litigate Your Established Rights

Pillar Patents support your case when Your buisness is challenged be it your products or services or Your IPR.

Monetise, Negotiate or License Your Business Position based on IP Rights

Pillar Patents help you to bring Your intellecual property rights into action.

Against a Competitor

Should You be challenged by a competitor in any of the above, Pillar Patents will take the opposite position and fight for Your case.

Our way of working

Our process is a flexible and engaging framework that adapts, evolves and responds to Your business. The process could be as outlined here:



We talk, explain, challenge, draw and aim to understand the scope and the details of your business, technology, tasks and how to scope IPR.



We design a IPR or patent blueprint of your business or tasks. We agree or modify the blueprint before any further action.

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With the blueprint, we conduct the search, draft the application, draft the opposition, draft the agreement and prepare it for review and approval before futher action.



After approval we deploy by filing, prosecute, negotiate or whatever action is required to safeguard Your business.

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its about expectations 

Its about building and protecting your business; building on safe and solid grounds, avoiding infringements, caring about  your future and taking new land - where Pllar Patents serve:


Pillar Patents provide hands on approach to secure Freedom-to-Operate and patents.

Technology screenings, drafting and prosecution, Freedom-to-Operate, negotiations or other aspects of IPR


Pillar Patents provide engaged and ongoing development support and advice.

    Technology ccreenings, drafting and prosecution, Freedom-to-Operate, Negotiations, and other aspects of IPR.


Pillar Patents provide due diligence and portfolio building, management and transfers.

Customized work flows for due diligence including searches, patentability assessment and analysis of patent porfolio status, conflicts, freedom to operate, etc.     

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Pillars of Patents

Experienced consultants

Managing Director
Technology Screenings, Novelty Searches, Patentability Analysis
First Filings, PCTs, National, and Divisionals
Responses to Office Actions and Formal Requirements       
Invalidation Searches, Oppositions, Third Party Observations
Invalidation searches, (NON) Infringement analysis, Validation Analysis
Risk Management, Strategic Positioning, Strategic Filings, Stratetic Agreements, etc.



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