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Pillar Patents is a full service yet specialised consultancy firm advising on technologies, business development and innovation in the view of intellectual property rights (IPR).

Pillar Patents aim to provide customised advice according to needs. Pillar Patents act to establish freedom-to-operate for your business using the toolbox of intellectual property.

Pillar Patents are passionate about innovation, technologies, and business models, that make a difference and make the World a better place.

Pillar Patents fight for your business' right to operate and protect your innovative products and services.

Pillar Patents aim to win and improve your place in the marketplace.

Pillar Patents are built on decades of experience with large scale scientific project, business and technology development in the field of energy technologies - Zero Emission Energy Systems and PtX, computer and software, diagnostics, production, and technical physics such as audio, sensors, etc. - and years of experiences in the world of patents.

Pillar Patents is located in clear skies just 15 min from Aarhus and has meeting facilities in Copenhagen.

Whilst Innovating, Fighting and Winning; Pillar Patents strive to be a relaxed and fun place to work.

Deliberate use of knowledge management principles increases the value of your business; and strategic use of patents is a proven tool to increase business performance.

Poul Erik Bak, Pillar Patents.

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Pillar Patents is a full-service patent consulting service. Pillar Patents and collaborations have extensive technical, legal, and strategic experience in counseling in the field of intellectual property rights such as patents, utility modes, licensing, and protection of trade secrets. Pillar Patents also aim to be at the forefront of digital solutions.


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